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  • Antibodies Online is an independent marketplace for research products. Their idea was to establish an independent platform for researchers to find the right antibodies from suppliers. They are now one market place for 438,000 antibodies, 149,000 ELISA Kits, 42,000 proteins, 90 suppliers from all over the world.

  • AllSeq

    AllSeq has created the world's first true Sequencing Marketplace. Our NGS marketplace helps researchers pick the best provider for their needs (based on price, technology, turnaround time, etc).. AllSeq also maintains the NGS Knowledge Bank, a neutral source of information on the various sequencing technologies, platforms and applications.

  • Asia Pacific Biotech News

    Asia Pacific Biotech News (APBN) is a premium monthly magazine, offering reports in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food and agriculture in the Asia-Pacific region. APBN is read by professionals, investors and researchers in both the Asia Pacific and worldwide markets.

  • Bentham Science

    Current Bioinformatics aims to publish all the latest and outstanding developments in bioinformatics. Each issue contains a series of timely, in-depth reviews, drug clinical trial studies and guest edited thematic issues written by leaders in the field, covering a wide range of the integration of biology with computer and information science.

    Recent Patents on Computer Science publishes review and research articles, and guest edited thematic issues on recent patents in all areas of computer science. A selection of important and recent patents on computer science is also included in the journal.

  • Binding DB

    Binding Database is an open, web-accessible database of measured binding affinities, focusing on the interactions of proteins considered to be drug-targets with small, drug-like molecules. BindingDB contains over 640,000 binding data, for over 5,700 protein targets and 284,000 small molecules. BindingDB also includes a small collection of host-guest binding data of interest to chemists studying supramolecular systems. BindingDB supports medicinal chemistry and drug discovery via literature awareness and development of structure-activity relations.

  • Bio-Equip

    Bio-equip is a professional website which provides the information of equipments, consumables and chemical reagents in life science. The website which takes full advantage of the most up-to-date computer technologies and networks offers the most all-round and considerate service in the information of biology equipments.

  • Bio-IT World

    Part of the Cambridge Healthtech Institute Media Group, Bio-IT World provides outstanding coverage of cutting-edge trends and technologies that impact the management and analysis of life sciences data, including next-generation sequencing, drug discovery, predictive and systems biology, informatics tools, clinical trials, and personalized medicine. Through a variety of sources including,, Weekly Update Newsletter and the Bio-IT World News Bulletins, Bio-IT World is a leading source of news and opinion on technology and strategic innovation in the life sciences, including drug discovery, and development.

  • BioPortfolio

    BioPortfolio is a leading news, information and knowledge resource covering the global life science industries impacted on by biotechnology. The site aims to provide the lay person, the researcher and the management executive with a single location to source core information on specific bio-related topics, to collate relevant data associated with each topic and to point the user to relevant knowledge resources.

  • Biosave

    Biosave is the leading savings website for Life Scientists.  Search 1,000’s of products from leading suppliers to locate the best products at the most competitive prices.

  • Clocate is a leading international directory for worldwide conferences and exhibitions. is equipped with a unique and comprehensive search that helps you find easily any event in any category or location. Each event includes detailed information, like, description, dates, location, map, prices, link to the official event's website and more...

  • Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

    Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (GEN) is the longest-running, most widely read, and largest circulated global biotechnology news publication. Published 21 times a year and recently redesigned to focus on Biobusiness, OMICS, Drug Discovery, Bioprocessing, and Translational Medicine, GEN reports on key news developments and technology trends in the bioindustry.

  • iptechex Pharmalicensing

    Pharmalicensing is the premier biopharmaceutical Open Innovation resource designed for professionals involved with partnering, licensing and business development worldwide. Actively supporting all forms of partnering and in- and out-licensing activities, Pharmalicensing utilizes the unique Partnering Search service and its global network of industry experts to enable companies to identify and engage with appropriate partners around the world.

  • Lab Bulletin

    Lab Bulletin is a free online resource for scientists and laboratory professionals where you can catch up on the latest news for laboratory products and services.  You will find an extensive directory of laboratory suppliers and manufacturers enabling you to contact companies quickly and easily to request further information.

  • Life Sciences Industry News

    Life Sciences Industry News is a comprehensive media platform having print and online presence. The print version, Life Sciences Industry News is a fortnightly magazine having national circulation in India. The online and print publications enable the life science professionals to keep abreast of latest developments in the industry. The publications cover the industry segments Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Diagnostics, and Healthcare. The focus is on business, tools/ technologies/materials/services, drug/therapeutics discovery and development, clinical research, diagnostics discovery and development, medical/devices technology and academic research.

  • Medical News Today

    Medical News Today is the largest independent medical and health news site on the web - with over 5,000,000 monthly unique users it is ranked number one for medical news on Google and Yahoo!. Medical News Today is used by Blue Chip pharmaceutical and health organizations, advertising agencies, PR companies and vertical ad networks to deliver targeted disease/condition and general health campaigns.

  • Pharmaphorum

    Pharmaphorum drives innovation within the pharmaceutical industry, by bringing healthcare together through a suite of media services that help produce and disseminate thought leadership, combined with an online platform for communicating messages to a global audience.

  • PharmaVision

    PharmaVision offers a consultancy service providing high quality, due diligence research and independent, tailor made life science reports to pharmaceutical companies, competitive intelligence specialists, investment institutions and healthcare communication agencies. The research reports combine in-depth interviews with key opinion leaders, scientific analysis with market models to forecast the potential growth of key developmental products and technologies and to assess the challenges and opportunities which surround this specialist sector.

  • PharmaVOICE magazine

    PharmaVOICE magazine provides commentary about the challenges and trends impacting the life-sciences industry, covering a range of issues from molecule through market. PharmaVOICE's more than 34,000 BPA-qualified subscribers are also kept abreast of the latest trends through additional media resources, including WebSeminars, Podcasts, Videocasts, and White Papers.

  • SelectScience

    SelectScience is the fastest way to impartial, expert opinion about the best laboratory equipment and latest techniques. Discover the latest cell culture and stem cell technologies, products and techniques with product reviews, videos, application notes and the latest news articles.

  • Technology Networks

    Founded in 2000, Technology Networks is now the leading provider of free information services for academics and industry  professionals within the life science and drug discovery sectors.  Our portfolio of 28 communities provides a base for members to access the latest news, events, products and research from their chosen field. All communities can be accessed through

  • The Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences

    The Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences is an Open Access, peer-reviewed online scientific journal published by the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences (Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra). The major focus of the journal is publishing regular (original) scientific articles, short communications and reviews from animal, plant and environmental microbiology (including bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae, protozoa and viruses), microbial, animal and plant biotechnology and physiology, microbial, plant and animal genetics, molecular biology, agriculture and food chemistry and biochemistry, food control, evaluation and processing in food science and environmental sciences.